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Webinars and other resources

NEW! Re-entry checklist to help you prepare for going home.

There is a set of free emails you can sign up for if you’re going home in the next few months.

Check out what is coming up next on my resources page and see my recommended reading and blog list.

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Can’t see where the road goes next?

Re-entry support for organisations

Support your staff by providing debriefs, coaching or seminars / webinars to meet their needs when they return from living abroad

Re-entry support for individuals

Work through the chaos of readjusting to going home after living abroad; work out who you are now and have confidence as you move towards the future

Coaching for personal transition

Work out what’s keeping you stuck and how to move beyond where you are, whilst making the most of your transition

See articles that may interest you

Looking for further support?

I realise that not every therapist / coach / counsellor is right for everyone, hence I work very closely with others in my field to help each other to get ourselves “out there.” If what I have to offer doesn’t resonate, please look up these other wonderful people in the Repatriate support directory. There are people all over the world who help people like you, some who work face-to-face and others more remotely.

Don’t feel you need to walk the road alone!

Re-Entry stories

Would you like a place to get more support as you return to your home country? Facebook Group Re-entry Stories is just that - a place to share experiences, read blogs and articles that may help, and ask others questions. Please feel free to join the group!

Debriefing research

Is debriefing beneficial when staff come back from living overseas?

Navigating Relocation

How to relocate successfully, what you need to put in place in order to feel at ease with your new world.

Re-entry Challenges

What do most people find hard when they go “home”? What has been the most helpful in settling back?

About Helen Watts:

I feel like I have spent my life going through transitions and being affected by them: from single to married; living in the UK to living overseas; being a young mum to having more capacity for other things; living overseas to coming home again; mechanical engineer to life coach / mum / enneagram teacher.

I completely get the feeling of being in limbo land, or liminal space as some might call it. That place of having ended something but not begun the next… more…

Helen Watts

Oxford, UK

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