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Returning “home” from living overseas presents you with unprecedented opportunities for evaluating your life and moving forward in ways you hadn't foreseen or imagined.

Whether you've been away for a few weeks or several years, experiences of different cultures touch you deeply. You can come back to your passport country and continue as you were, perhaps wondering several years down the line what it was all about. Or you can seek the integration of those experiences into your ongoing life: you can reshape your future as a changed person, allowing the impact of your experience to affect everything you do.

The transition time you face – starting with the decision to leave your location and lasting well after arriving in your new home – is a key time for asking questions and taking hold of the opportunities that arise. By combining debriefing with life coaching, Helen Watts provides understanding and accompaniment to repatriates during their re-entry experiences such that you grow and thrive. See more…


“Re-potting for growth” is a package of six sessions for individuals who have recently moved back “home” after living overseas. I firstly help you to assimilate your learning from your time away - working out what you would like to take with you and which parts of you need to be left behind. After that, we put things in place to cope with the chaos presented by your repatriation. Then as roots start to form in your new location, we move towards your dreams for the next stage, and see what resources you have to take you on to a place of thriving.

I offer debriefing sessions for individuals or for couples, separate to or combined with this series of coaching sessionsClick here to contact me to discuss your needs.


I offer debriefing sessions for your expat staff and / or their spouses when they return from an overseas assignment, no matter how relatively easy or challenging the assignment has been.

Coaching is then for those who would like ongoing support to help them readjust to being back in their “home” country. This can sometimes be a big issue, both for staff and accompanying spouses. Investing in your staff during their repatriation can lead to more engaged workers and less fall-out from their time away.

I also offer seminars on transition for groups of returning staff to help them as individuals and as a group to work through their experiences. Teams grow stronger as a result of shared experiences in living overseas and in coming “home” - whether or not they were in the same country and involved with the same project. Click here to contact me for any of the above.



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“I would highly recommend Helen's debriefing process for those who have recently repatriated. I'm certain that I am going to be experiencing benefits from the insights I gained during my debriefing for months to come.”

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Returned home in the last

6 months or so?

Not finding it easy?

Consider Riding the Rapids of Re-entry: a series of four online seminars to support you as you re-adjust and work your way through the chaos.

Riding the Rapids
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Are you an expat returning to your home country?

Wanting to make the most of your repatriation?

“A friend recommended having some debriefing, and I made contact with Helen. From the first phone-call and initial 'assessment' I found Helen very supportive and insightful and it was comforting to know she understood what I was going through! I wasn't sure what to expect but knew I wanted to feel clearer about the new direction my life was heading in. It was great to be able to talk through some problems I had been through and also identify some stress symptoms I was suffering. The sessions were also incredibly helpful in redefining and reaffirming who I am, what I want to do and practical ways to get there! I have never been clearer or more confident about the direction my life is going in. It’s great to be able to identify what drives me and realise the skills I have been acquiring overseas are a great gateway into a better future back home.”