International Directory of Coaches / Counsellors / Therapists for Repatriates

Have you gone back (are going back) home and would like to make the most of this opportunity to think about the next phase of your life?

Maybe you are struggling in your re-entry / repatriation?

Or is it tougher than you expected and you’d like someone to walk alongside you to help to get you through?

If so this international directory is a good starting place. Listed here are people who work specifically with people like YOU. Many people listed work internationally, not just where listed, so don’t discount someone because they are not based in your own country. Do read their details carefully, look them up on their websites, and have a chat with them before committing to anything so that you make sure they are the right person for you. Please mention this directory when getting in touch with people.

If you would like help or advice in choosing, or working out what sort of support you are looking for, get in touch with me here.

Likewise, if you would like to be included on this list, please find further details here.


Melbourne, Australia

Margot Andersen, &

Languages: English

Medium: Skype / phone / face-to-face / webinars

Margot Andersen is global careers and leadership expert who works with individuals and organisations as they manage global transition. She is the owner of talentinsight Australia, a career management and leadership consultancy and the founder of Insync Network Group, a rapidly growing network for repatriates navigating the transition ‘home’.

Having navigated her own repatriation after living abroad for 7 years she knows only too well the complexities, nuances and challenges of relocating ‘home’. With a specialty in career management she is particularly passionate about helping individuals not just reintegrate but leverage their experiences, skills and networks.

Margot runs training and mentoring programs both within organisations and with individuals directly.

The Insync Network Group was founded out of her own personal repatriation journey and the enormous benefits she found in meeting and engaging with others who were returning ‘home’. In acknowledging that repatriation is about reconnection, the group provides support to members across all facets of life and business and is aimed at supporting both the expat and their partner.

Further information about Margot can found here on her LinkedIn profile.


Birmingham, UK

Tim Herbert,

Languages: English

Medium: Skype / face-to-face

I work with mission workers and Christian development workers returning to the UK either for a short visit or at the end of their assignment, specialising in those who have had little or no support from family, church or sending agency.

I offer an informal, conversational approach to debriefing which follows the model recommended by People in Aid and is designed to be as comfortable an experience for the returnee as possible.  I focus on normalising their experience of disorientation as they return to a world into which they think they should belong but don’t fit any more, and explore issues of personality and identity which may help them manage the transition.

Leeds, UK

Susan Dellanzo,

Languages: English, Italian, some French

Medium: Skype, phone, face-to-face, private/corporate workshops

Susan Dellanzo image

Susan Dellanzo is an International Coach, Author and Speaker, specialising in empowering and making a qualitative difference in the lives of people globally.

Working with a portfolio of GLOBAL and UK clients enhancing the transition of repatriation, emotional wellbeing, personal and professional mastery.

Born and raised in the UK, Susan is a truly international woman. Having lived and worked in various countries worldwide and speaking several languages, she has an incredible ability to understand and relate to people from all cultures and backgrounds. Her inspiration for Universal Laws, emotions and human behaviour has seen her coach and provide solutions for people from all over the world including the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Australia and South Africa.

With her extensive experience and having gone through numerous life-changing situations herself, including repatriation, Susan assists men and women in overcoming adversity and empowering themselves in order to live a more inspiring and fulfilled life.

Lincoln, UK

Dr Rachel Cason,

Languages: English

Medium: Skype, Face-to-face 

Dr. Rachel Cason is passionate about using life story interviews as a therapeutic and analytical tool with adult Third Culture Kids, and others from highly mobile backgrounds or with high levels of transition. Through Life Story, Dr. Cason offers a straightforward methodological and therapeutic approach that facilitates a collaborative engagement with your life experiences. Life Story offers validation, expertise and empowerment. Email to book a free consultation to explore its potential to move you towards a settled self.

Dr. Rachel Cason works from a position of both empathy and extensive research experience with TCKs. Life Story work comprises an initial double session where the client ‘walks through’ their life story. This is recorded and used as the basis for analysis, keeping in mind the issues that the client has identified as most challenging. A number of follow up sessions involve a collaborative journeying, where Dr. Cason draws attention to patterns emergent in their past story and the client engages in a dialogue that both empowers and clarifies the shape of the chapters yet to come.

The Midlands, UK

Shirley Billage,

Languages: English

Medium: Face-to-face / skype

Shirley Billage Cascade Solutions

Shirley is an experienced intercultural specialist. Her interest in this subject developed during the years that she spent living and working in India. Experiencing culture shock for herself and working in a multi-cultural team she began to read around the subject. Upon returning to the UK Shirley completed a Certificate in Intercultural studies from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Following this, and to ensure that she had a strong academic foundation Shirley then went on to complete a Masters degree in Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions at Warwick University gaining a distinction.

Cascade Cultural Solutions offers training and consultation to organisations and individuals around adapting to different cultural contexts, including re-entry, which for some can be the most challenging adaptation of all.

Cascade Cultural Solutions is a member of SIETAR – Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research.

Oxford, UK

Helen Watts,

Languages: English

Medium: Skype / phone / face-to-face / webinars

I work with expats who have returned to their home country.

I offer a coaching package called “re-potting for growth.”  Initially, I help you to take on board your learning from your time away – working out what you would like to take with you and which aspects of your experience need to be left behind. After that, we put things in place to strengthen you and help you feel more on top of things during the settling-in phase of your repatriation. Then as roots start to form in your new location, we move towards your dreams for the next stage, and see what resources you have to take you on to a place of thriving.

In addition, or separately, I offer one-off debriefs to people who have returned in the last few months from a challenging assignment: 1-3 hours non-judgmental listening to help you make sense of your time away and the stresses you experienced. I also offer a four-part webinar series to help you settle back in your home country and a free email series for use before you leave, preparing you to go home.



Atlanta, GA, USA 

Beverly Richardson. Ph.D,

Languages: English

Medium: Skype/Phone/Face to Face

A Lodging Place

“Oh, that I had a lodging place for globe-trotting servants…”                     Jeremiah 9:2

I was involved in church planting in Kazakhstan and served as a counselor, spiritual director and debriefer with The Well Member Care Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.   I am a certified coach using the Cerny Smith Cross-Cultural Assessment. A Lodging Place is a fully furnished basement apartment for missionaries who come for a 5 day debriefing, based on the Le Rucher debriefing model started in France. I am a certified Debriefing Coach for Le Rucher. I also meet with missionaries for counseling locally and via Skype. I am available to go on the field to provide Member Care when needed.


Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Dr. Cate Brubaker,

Languages: English

Medium: Skype / phone / face-to-face

I coach global adventurers who have been changed by living and traveling abroad and don’t want to simply go back to the status quo of the home they left behind. The key to that is understanding how to find and use your “global life ingredients” to create a meaningful, satisfying, and sustainable global life, so you flourish at home and abroad. I’ll help you 1) articulate who you are now and how you’ve changed as a result of living and traveling abroad; 2) redefine your professional identity and re-launch your career; 3) make reverse culture shock your best friend (or at least remove it from enemy status!). Why not start with my free #GlobalYou365 journaling challenge? You can start anytime!

Email:   Instagram:

Here’s the link to the #GlobalYou365 journaling challenge:

Wichita, Kansas, USA

Gail Goolsby MA, MEd, ACC,

Languages: English

Medium: Skype / phone / face-to-face

I specialize in working through transitions and new life seasons with Global workers home from the field or on the field.

repat support directory

As a career educator, trained counselor and ICF credentialed life coach, I assist clients in moving forward and achieving life satisfaction. I served in Kabul, Afghanistan for 7 years and understand the challenges of overseas work and re-entry.

The client is the expert on his/her life. I offer what the client needs, counseling or coaching, remaining positive, prayerful, and supportive throughout. Both methods increase life learning but differ:

  • Counseling offers review of past events to unshackle traumas for future freedom.
  • Coaching assists the client in discovering insights, developing plans, and taking the next steps toward goals. I use effective techniques such as active listening, open questions, encouragement, challenges to present thinking, and celebration of achievements.

I am also available to work with couples for pre-engagement to marital conflict needs. Using the Prepare/Enrich online assessment and training, I am able to pinpoint issues of differences and help couples find resolution and confidence in moving forward.



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