Transition has become more and more part of modern life. No longer do people stay in their careers for 40 years. The likelihood is that you will change direction many times over the course of your life. And change is good, it moves you on to new things, and is sometimes straightforward and obvious. But sometimes it causes the upheaval of transition – maybe you know it’s time to move on but don’t know where you should go next. Maybe you feel stuck where you are and your life balance is not ideal, signalling change is afoot. Transition can be the inner reaction to the external change, or a developmental stage where what once suited you no longer does.

External events such as a bereavement, job dissatisfaction, divorce, relocation, marriage, having children, a promotion etc. can all precipitate transition, and you can find ourselves feeling stuck or adrift. The important thing is that you engage with the transition and don’t just use something else external to relieve the discomfort. This way you can redefine yourself and take the opportunity to look before you leap rather than just drifting into the next thing unintentionally. It brings the exciting possibility of dreaming and re-creating yourself for the next phase, combined with greater self-awareness and personal growth.

A 6-session coaching package includes:

  • Use of the enneagram to help you see how you respond to the world and how you can break free from the ruts you get into
  • Looking at beliefs and values to see what keeps you stuck and help you move beyond that
  • Dreaming to work out what you really want for the next phase so you can be intentional in working your way forward and confident that you are moving in the right direction
  • Helping you find what it is you offer to the world so that you can put yourself out there confidently and with ease when you find the right posts to apply for

Contact me for a no-obligation chat about where you are and where you’d like to be and how we could work together through your transition.